Thursday, 25 February 2016

John Kim of Syncis - Tips For Sticking To A Budget

Sticking to a budget can often be difficult for people who have not had to do it before, which is why John Kim and the team at Syncis aim to provide all of the information that they can to help people who are struggling to keep their finances in order. If you know you need to start a nest egg, all of the following should help.

Write Down Your Goals

It is often not enough to decide that you need to put aside some money each month. Instead, it is a good idea to write a plan that takes your current expenditures into account, allowing you to trim the fat and save money on non-essentials. To ensure you stay motivated enough to do this, jot down your goals, be it an amount of money you wish to save or something that you aim to purchase with the money you put aside.

Pay Off High Interest Debts

You may have built up a number of different debts during the course of your life, with high interest debts being a massive burden on your finances. As such, it is a good idea to do what you can to clear these as quickly as possible, ensuring that you don’t pay as much interest while also allowing you to start saving more money once the debt is cleared.

Track Your Spending

John Kim often recommends that clients start keeping more in-depth financial records, which includes tracking their spending. The team at Syncis point out that there are a number of mobile apps available that will let you track receipts, so make use of every tool at your disposal to stay on top of the little expenditures that all add up at the end of the month.