Monday, 28 December 2015

John Kim of Syncis - Why You Should Prepare for Retirement Early

John Kim, one of the co-founders of Syncis, is a financial professional who is dedicated to helping people prepare for their futures. Syncis is an insurance marketing organization, which means that they facilitate the recruitment and mentoring of individuals who want to start a second career in the realm of financial services. These individuals, who eventually earn the title of Associate, are connected with various insurance companies so that they can offer a wide range of life insurance and annuity products to the public. Through their association with Syncis, these associates become experts in basic financial concepts, and can greatly enhance their clients’ understanding of their own future goals.

One of the major ways in which Syncis helps their clients achieve a solid future plan is through retirement funding strategies. Although many people view retirement as a far away stage in life that doesn’t need much present thought, it has a way of sneaking up on you before you even realize it. Many people find themselves well under their financial goals when retirement age hits, which can greatly impact their financial plans overall; it could even mean that retirement is no longer an option. However, if you prepare for your retirement stage early, and get the proper professional guidance, you can be ready when the time comes. When it is time to retire, you don’t want to quit working only to worry about the remainder of your finances; you want to be able to relax and know that you’re taken care of.

John Kim Syncis, a leader at Syncis, is devoted to helping his clients reach their retirement goals through the financial products his associates are able to provide. Through financial education and no pressure sales, he has helped his company gain success.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

John Kim of Syncis - Devoted to Helping Individuals Prepare for Their Financial Future

John Kim is the current co-founder of Syncis, which is an insurance marketing organization devoted to helping individuals prepare for their financial futures. The company is dedicated to helping their clients financially through strong, trusting relationships built by professional associates. Although Syncis’ associates are working for the company on a contract basis, they are mentored and prepared in order to better interact with their clients. They are also encouraged to grow their relationships with their clients before trying to close the deal on a sale. Syncis is an organization unlike any other in their industry; they do not ignore the middle level of the income market, and they don’t base their success solely on their sales numbers.

Planning for your financial future is extremely important. No matter what stage of your career you’re in, it is never too early to begin preparing for retirement, a second career, or even a solid life insurance policy. Through licensed associates working for companies like Syncis, clients can rest assured that they have appropriately planned for their future. The associates not only build a relationship that each of their clients can trust, which brings a greater understanding to client overall. Many individuals don’t even know where to begin when it comes to planning for the future, but through Syncis, they can get a realistic picture of their financial goals, and the things they need to do to successfully reach those goals.

John Kim of Syncis is dedicated to the work he is doing for people in the financial industry. Not only is he able to help clients plan for their futures, but he is also able to mentor associates who genuinely want to spend their time preparing people for the future by helping them create financial goals.

Monday, 14 December 2015

John Kim of Syncis - The Importance of Life Insurance

John Kim Syncis, who is in a position of leadership at the insurance marketing organization called Syncis, is dedicated to helping individuals in the financial world. He co-founded the company in 2009, and he wanted to create a business that was unlike any major financial service organization in the industry. Most financial organizations simply measure success based upon their sales numbers. However, Syncis is a company that is dedicated to the middle-income market, and to establishing a strong relationship with their clients. Their motto is, strengthening families with trust and understanding, which is a testament to the goal of the business overall. They help their clients establish a strong financial foundation for the benefit of their futures.

A life insurance policy is extremely important in this day and age, especially if you are responsible for a family or loved ones. A life insurance policy ensures that your family’s future is taken care of if anything should happen to yourself. It is impossible to prepare for all of the random events that happen in our lives, but with a life insurance policy, you can be financially ready should the worst become a reality. Insurance marketing organizations like Syncis can help people be more prepared for any situation through their financial services. Their associates aren’t just from financial backgrounds, but from all walks of life, which helps them connect with their clients on a more personal level. They are prepared to identify financial solutions that suit the clients’ needs.

John Kim, the co-founder of Syncis, is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the clients his Associates help serve. Their business is dedicated to forming a trusting relationship between their associates and the clients in order to make them more comfortable.