Monday, 22 February 2016

In addition to providing a wide range of financial solutions to its clients, Syncis also conducts a mentorship program that helps people from all walks of life attain the skills that they need in order to become successful financial professionals. As one of the mentors for this program, John Kim understands the various traits that a mentor must possess in order to impart all of the knowledge that students need in order to realize the potential that they have.

Communication Skills

As a mentor, you will often be asked to explain issues that less experienced professionals are having trouble with. In some cases, you may also need to explain these complex areas in language that can be easily understood by the person that you are mentoring. This means that you need to work on your communication skills, allowing you to discover the best ways to give voice to the knowledge that you have, allowing your students to learn more efficiently in the process.


One of the key traits that a student will look for in a mentor is their experience. Few students are going to trust the word of a mentor who can’t demonstrate that the information they provide is actually usable in the real world, so you need to consider what you tell students carefully and try to link each snippet of information with a real world experience that will allow them to see exactly how your teachings can be used to help them attain success if their own.

A Personable Nature

During the course of your time as a mentor you will end up developing a lot of relationships with people who come to rely on you for the information that you can offer. This can often be stressful for those who don’t consider themselves particularly social or people who struggle with forming personal relationships. As such, a good mentor must be personable and positive at all times, as this makes their students more willing to place trust in them and the information they provide.

A Thirst For Knowledge

John Kim Syncis and the other mentors at Syncis will not rest on their laurels just because they are now in a position where they can teach other people and they feel that it is important to point out that a good mentor maintains a constant thirst for knowledge. You should have the desire to constantly research new developments in your field, not only to improve the quality of information that you give to those people who look to you for guidance, but also so that you can provide a better quality of service to your own clients. Furthermore, by showing your willingness to keep learning, you will encourage good habits in your students that they will take into their own careers.