Saturday, 6 February 2016

John Kim of Syncis - Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

John Kim Syncis is a successful entrepreneur who founded and runs Syncis, a large financial management organization based in the United States. Though he came from a background of poverty, John Kim did not stop pursuing his dreams until he found success with Syncis. This manner of dedication, even through hardship, is a common trait of successful entrepreneurs. One of the most common ways that entrepreneurs stay dedicated is with goal setting techniques like these:
  • Start small. When you’re setting entrepreneurial goals, start with small and attainable steps. Don’t aim to make thousands your first month, for example, but aim to make thousands in your first year. As a rule, if you’re not sure of how you’ll achieve a goal, it needs to be broken down into smaller ones.
  • Dream big. Think about where you would ultimately like to see your company and use it as motivation while your endeavor is growing. For example, if you’re a physical trainer, and you hope to one-day own a gym, dream about your gym and how you would like it to serve your customers; make this your driving force as a fitness professional.
  • Find your balance. When you’re dreaming big and following small steps, you must find a balance that keeps you motivated and realistic at the same time. It helps many entrepreneurs to remind themselves of the adage that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Look at each small step as being a little bit closer to your big dreams.
In addition to goal-setting, reading business books and studying entrepreneurship in your free time can also help you reach your goals. Following his success with Syncis, John Kim Syncis wrote his own business book called “The Foundation of Success,” which may be a helpful motivational tool.